Amazonas Gem Publications

System Requirements

Here's what you will need to be able to view 'The Handbook of Gemmology' 2017 4th Edition on your computer, iPhone, iPad, android or e-reader.

To use the 'Flipping Book' technology with either Windows or Mac O/S, you will need:


Windows 7, 8, Vista, 10, XP or 2000


Mac OS X 10.5 or higher

Both require the latest version of Adobe Flash Player

iPad & iPhones

Files must be downloaded to your computer and then synced to your iPad or iPhone using iTunes or iBooks.

Android & Other E-Readers

The PDF must be downloaded to your computer and then synced to your android or e-reader using an android content transfer program. These normally come with your device or are available as a free download or application.

Online Edition

Please remember that this book has 1342 pages, 1428 photographs and 191 diagrams and illustrations. To derive maximum enjoyment from it, you do need high-speed internet.

Space Requirements

Depending on which download you choose, you will need anywhere from 603.8MB to 3.13GB.

The space requirements are listed below for each download:

Mac Zip (.app) 867.6MB
Windows Zip (.exe) 862.4MB
iPad & iPhone (Fixed ePub) 603.8MB
PDF 799.4MB


Please ensure that your computer has sufficient memory (RAM) to run these programs.