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Objective Diamond Clarity Grading Download Instructions

Thank you for purchasing Objective Diamond Clarity Grading. This version comes with four file formats that will allow you to view the book on any device including a Mac or Windows PC, iPad or iPhone and any Android (excluding Kindle).

Objective Diamond Clarity Grading 2017 Mac
Objective Diamond Clarity Grading 2017 Windows
Objective Diamond Clarity Grading 2017 ePUB (iPads & iPhones)
Objective Diamond Clarity Grading 2017 PDF (Androids)

Typically when you buy a download it is device specific, will download into your downloads folder and then will walk you through a series of steps to install it on your hard drive. The seller will require you to select either the Mac or Windows version (if indeed it is available in both formats) and if you happen to have both, they will require you to buy both versions.

At Amazonas Gem Publications, we do not think this is fair. We know in today’s society that many people use multiple viewing devices and why should they be penalised if they do?

While we want you to enjoy your digital publication on any viewing device without being required to buy different file formats it does require a slightly different approach and a few extra steps.

Zipped Files

In order to digitally deliver file formats for Mac, Windows and Androids, we must package them in a zipped file. This ensures that the files will not be corrupted during the downloading process. Secondly, since Mac files will not open on a Windows O/S or vice-versa, they have to be manually copied from your downloads folder onto your hard drive. This simply requires locating the files in your downloads folder, creating a destination folder on your hard drive and then copying and pasting the files you want to use.

Download Instructions

To make the whole experience easier, we have created separate pages for each device. Simply decide which devices you would like to view the book on and click on the tabs below:

To view on your Mac

Please click here

To view on your Windows PC

Please click here

To view on your iPad or iPhone

Please click here

To view on your Android

Please click here


We know not everybody is fully conversant with computer technology and if for some reason you encounter problems and cannot find the solution in our ‘Support’ section, simply email us at explaining what isn’t working and we will guide you through the process. We are based in Spain so please allow for any ‘lag’ time due to time differences.

Back-Up Files

We recommend that you create a back-up once you have downloaded all the files.

Download Problems

If for some reason you are unable to complete the download, please contact us immediately and we will send you the back-up files through ExaVault, which is a file sharing service used specifically for large files.