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Objective Diamond Clarity Grading (1st Edition)
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Objective Diamond Clarity Grading

We have all heard the term the ‘4 C’s’ but what does it really mean?

Diamonds are graded using four components (C’s) or factors; only one of which is objective. That is the carat weight. The qualities of cut, colour and clarity are in large part subjective. Collectively, these three factors (cut, colour, and clarity) will determine the final grade of the diamond, and together with the fourth component (carat weight) will allow us to establish the actual value.

Two of the cornerstones of diamond grading are accuracy and consistency. Since many important decisions will be based on the grades a laboratory assigns, it is not hard to see why these are such crucial elements and while we all acknowledge that there can be slight differences of opinion, even among experienced graders, it is important that these differences be kept to a minimum. This is, after all, an industry built on trust.

Objective Diamond Clarity Grading alters the ‘playing field’ considerably by introducing a system that removes the subjectivity of diamond clarity grading. Now it is even possible for 'novice' diamond clarity graders to reach a level of consistency that up until now has only been possible after years of experience and the examination of thousands and thousands of diamonds.

In the first three chapters, Michael not only explains the logic of developing this system but also carefully and articulately explains how to implement it. Touching on everything from the evolution of the clarity grading system to attaining accuracy and consistency in a subjective system, inclusion characteristics that affect clarity grades, grade-maker inclusions and reflections to the relationship of inclusion size to diamond size, grading adjustments for large inclusions relative to the diamond’s size, their contrast, number and position and how to make a final grading assessment using overhead lighting, this book will certainly open your eyes and expand your mind.

With over 250 images, Objective Diamond Clarity Grading is an A to Z on how to clarity grade diamonds and have the confidence that you will not only arrive at the right conclusions but have a systematic method and procedure that will back up your grades.

This book has been in the planning stages for many years but the information is as relevent today as it was when Michael started this project. It will not only change the way we think but will make our industry stronger and far more credible.

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