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Gemmology Today - February 2018 Issue
Gemmology Today

The fifth issue of Gemmology Today is now available. Packed full of interesting and diverse articles, it is accessible online and is free of charge. Designed for jewellers, gemmologists and gemmological students who are looking for something a little different!

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This issue includes:

CARBON COPY The Origin of Diamonds in Europe - 16th & 17th Centuries by Jan Asplund
GEMMOLOGY Interview with a Finnish Gemmological Giant: Dr. Kari A. Kinnunen by Joel Dyer
CONFERENCES Kisa, Sweden & Mallorca, Spain
THROUGH THE LENS From Russia with Love: The Photographic Genius of Dmitry Stolyarevich
MONEY CENT$ Education - A Cost of Doing Business or an Investment in Your Business by Geoff Dominy
FINGERPRINT FILE Spinel - The Times They Are A Changin' by Geoff Dominy
TOOLS OF THE TRADE The Value Of Simple, Portable Instruments – Part 2. My Favorite Gem-Testing Tool: The Calcite Dichroscope by Antoinette Matlins
GEMMOLOGY TODAY QUIZ #7 How is your knowledge of Gem Identification?
TINO HAMMID GEMMOLOGICAL SCHOLARSHIP Meet the recipients of this years awards
MALLORCA GEMQUEST II Sun, Sea, Sand & Gemmology Gemmological Conference
SMART THINKING Thermal Inertia - What is it and why should we care? by Kirk Feral
IN THE EYE OF THE BEHOLDER Connoisseurship: Color - First Among Equals’ by Richard Wise
THE SPICE OF LIFE Turkish Delight - Diaspore by Leone Langeslag

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