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Frequently Asked Questions

1. I downloaded the files but I can’t seem to get them to work properly?

Handbook of Gemmology - 1st, 2nd & 3rd Editions - Downloads and Data DVD

The digital download or data DVD contain four file formats (.exe for Windows, .app for Mac, ePUB for iPads and iPhones and an encrypted pdf for Androids). Depending on the operating system you are using (Windows or Mac), it is important that you download the correct files.

Windows Users

The files you will need to download are:
1. .exe for Windows
2. ePUB
3. PDF

Mac Users

The files you will need to download are
1. .app for Mac
2. ePUB
3. PDF

Before you download the files or insert the data DVD, create folders in either 'My Documents' if you are using Windows or 'Documents' if you are using a Mac. If you have purchased a download, download the files into your downloads folder and then copy/paste them into the newly created folder on your hard drive. If you purchased the data DVD, insert the DVD into your disk drive and then copy/paste the files into the new folders.

IPads and iPhones

Please remember that this is not an app and must be synced from your computer onto your iPad or iPhone using iTunes or iBooks.

Handbook of Gemmology 4th Edition - Downloads

The download information provided above applies to the newest edition.

System Requirements

It is also important that your computer satisfies the minimum system requirements. This not only includes the required operating systems but also space requirements and having sufficient memory.

For more information on system requirements, please click here

2. Whenever I try to open the handbook on my Mac, it says 'blocked plug in'. What does this mean?

It means that you have not updated your Adobe Flash Player. Go to system preferences, click on flash player and make sure that the option 'Allow Abode to install updates' is checked.

3. I downloaded the file onto my Mac but I get the prompt 'Handbook of Gemmology' can't be opened because it is from an unidentified developer'?

If you're running OS X Mountain Lion on your Mac there's a feature called 'Gatekeeper'. The primary function of Gatekeeper is to prevent malware like viruses and trojan horses from accessing your Mac. Gatekeeper does this, by default, by only allowing apps that are downloaded from the Mac App Store or from "identified and trusted developers" be opened. There are a few ways to bypass Gatekeeper if you run into this issue. Please click on the following link:


4. I tried to open the 'Mac' version but it says the file is corrupted?

The Mac file arrives on your hard drive as a .zip file which is a compressed file type that protects it during its journey through the world wide web. If your web browser is Safari (as it is for most Mac users) you will need to rescue the .zip file from your Trash. If you are using a browser other than Safari you can skip down to the fourth paragraph in this FAQ section.

Safari downloads the .zip file, automatically derives an uncompressed version which it then places into your downloads folder, and throws the original .zip file into the Trash. The uncompressed file in your Downloads folder will be corrupted and unusable! You must eventually throw it into the Trash, but wait to do that until later.

You must open your Trash folder where you will find the originally downloaded zip file. To open the Trash folder simply roll over and click your Trash icon in the Dock. Now find the downloaded .zip file, drag it out of the Trash window and put it into the location you wish to eventually store The Handbook of Gemmology. If you don’t know yet where that will be you can simply drag it onto your Desktop.

Once on your hard drive, the .zip file needs to be expanded before you can read it. The Mac OS has built-in software that will expand many kinds of compressed files including .zip. Unfortunately, our .zip file becomes corrupted when uncompressed by this built-in Mac OS software. The solution is to download a free utility called Stuffit Expander which is available through:

Once Stuffit Expander is installed on your Mac, open the Finder window that contains the downloaded .zip file (which you have retrieved from the Trash if you are a Safari user). The trick now is to hold down the Control key while you click and hold on the .zip file. This drops down a contextual menu. In that menu you will find the sub-menu named ‘Open With’. There you will find Stuffit Expander. When it is selected the .zip file will be safely uncompressed.

The first time you launch the book file you may need to open it by again holding down the Control key to drop down the contextual menu from which you will select Open. Thereafter the book will launch normally.

5. Where can I buy the book?

Right here...right now. Simply go to our on-line shop to buy the download and receive your online access codes.

6. What is 'Flipping Book' technology?

It's the latest technology for reading books on your computer. We offer it in both .exe (Windows) and .app (Mac) versions and it does not require any additional software other than Adobe Flash Player, which is a free download available from Adobe. This technology gives you the sensation of reading a printed book but in a digitized format. Unlike a traditional book, flipping book gives you many added features such as a search engine, zoom capabilities, hyperlinked table of contents and index, bookmarks, post-it's, highlighting and hyperlinked cross references. We also believe it adds an element of fun to reading that you cannot get with a traditional book.

7. Who should buy this book?

Whether you have a casual interest in gemstones, wish to become a gemmologist, work in a jewellery store and would like to know more about the products you are selling or are a practicing gemmologist, this book is for you.

8. Do you take credit cards?

Our e-commerce site is set up to take PayPal. Whether you are a member or simply a guest, PayPal offers you a variety of payment methods and the security of dealing with an established company.

9. Do you offer refunds?

Unfortunately the book is sold in a digital format so we cannot offer refunds.

10. Why do you no longer offer individual file formats?

There are several reasons. We felt it was confusing to be faced with so many different buying options and now that we are offering online access, we believe it is far simpler to have one download option instead of five.

11. What about future editions?

We work in a very fluid industry, one that is evolving all the time. A digital publication gives us greater flexibility and also allows us to make this information available at an affordable price. If you have purchased our book through a third party, please ensure that you register your purchase with us, by sending us an e-mail with information regarding the place and date of purchase. You will be added to our 'Preferred Client' listing and will be notified the moment a new edition is available. You will also receive preferred pricing on the new edition.

12. Do you offer the book on a data DVD?

No. Earlier editions were available in this format but today most computers do not have a disk drive and we have found that this option is now unnecessary. For third party sellers, we do provide download and online access codes that are separately packaged.

13. What about shipping?

For third party sellers, we provide free shipping on all orders in excess of $ 150.00 US.

14. Can I get expedited shipping?

Absolutely, simply e-mail us at and we will be happy to provide you with a pro-forma invoice and instructions on how to pay for it through our website. Expedited shipments do not qualify for 'Free Shipping'.